Toll Free 800 Numbers

800 numbers for:

  • Multinational Businesses
  • Hotels
  • Call Centers and Enterprises
  • Real Estate and Tourism
  • Individuals

By getting an 800 number for your company, your clients can communicate for free with your business - giving you the ability to redirect calls from the 800 number to any call center, telephone or cell phone. A clever way to facilitate communication between your customers and your business anywhere in the world.

You can offer free 800 numbers to both customers abroad and customers in your own region or country. Our rates in 800 numbers have been noted for their high quality and low price.

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Local VoIP Numbers

Local numbers via VoIP for:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals

Our VOIP system can generate local lines within your country the way a local telephone company provides you with a fixed number. Like our other VoIP services, the prices of local Internet numbers (in your country) are remarkably lower than any other provider. The quality of the calls are guaranteed and all numbers can be redirected to another local or mobile number.

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International Numbers in Your Office

International VOIP Numbers Services For:

  • Multinational Businesses
  • Call Centers
  • People living abroad

If your business generates calls from countries other than its own, then this might be the best solution for your incoming and outgoing phone calls. Without paying high international calling costs, your company can have several international numbers in different countries around the world or in just the country in which you receives calls. This way, you are able to have a local number in a foreign country where you can receive or generate calls. We have international numbers in a great variety of countries.

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UWTelecom Central America gives your company a large quantity of advanced VoIP quality services at a much lower cost than other local telephone companies. Using our platform, companies can forget about incurring the large investment, high cost of maintenance and physical staff it normally requires to manage their telecommunications.

UWTelecom gives your business or company the freedom to redirect and manage all incoming and outgoing calls in an advanced, but, easy-to-use system that is accessible 24 hours a day. Your company can also acquire local numbers from different countries around the world and redirect them to a single telephone line or a central telephone exchange within your country or region.

If your business also handles a considerable amount of incoming and outgoing calls from within your own country, then you can also save money through our low prices for local VoIPs. Our local and international VoIP services are known for being the highest in quality - at the lowest price.


Global Coverage We connect the Whole World

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Telephone via Internet Central America

Our company specializes in VOIP telephonics for businesses in Costa Rica, Panama, The US and Canada.

Our Vision

Develop and maintain a platform of first-class telephonic services via Internet or VOIP for Central and North American countries. To offer the lowest prices as well as unsurpassed customer service to our clients.

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UWTelecom services:

International Callback

UWTelecom also offers International Callback service. This allows you to place any number of international calls at the lowest rates. Our International Callback service provides the best quality and signal strength compared to any other Callback service in the market, while maintaining competitive rates. Save time and money with this service and get closer to your clients or loved ones around the world; visit our rates page and see for yourself why UWTelecom offers not only the highest quality of service, but also competitive rates among other international callback service providers.

For us International Calling is our guarantee; we provide the best balance between quality and price; beware of other international callback companies that might offer lower rates, most likely the quality of their connections will only end up causing you excessive dropped and missed calls. With the International Callback service that UWTelecom provides you don’t even need a calling card, the service includes your own Direct Inward Dialing Number (DID number), this allows you make international calls anywhere, anytime!


Enjoy the variety of Voice over IP (VoIP) services that UWTelecom provides. This service allows you to place and receive local or international calls using your internet connection. You can even use VoIP software (softphone) to make and received calls right from your computer. Our service works with any VoIP phone in the market; or if you want to keep using your current analog phone, we provide you with a special adapter (ATA) which allows you to connect your regular phone to the internet and start enjoying all the advantages that VoIP telephony provides. UWTelecom also offers VoIP virtual numbers, whether it is local or international numbers, all over the world, visit our rates page for detailed information.

Global Call Connect

With Global Call Connect you will be able to access our international calling network and place any international calls anywhere in the world. With this service you simply dial one of our access numbers depending of the country you are calling from, and you immediately will be prompted to enter the destination number, is that easy! Whether it is from your mobile, home, or office number, you will get instant access to our international calling network; stop paying more for international calls. Visit our rates page for details of countries available.


UWTelecom offers toll-free numbers for over 40+ countries around the world. With our Callme800 service any call that is dialed to this number (by a friend, colleague, customer or a relative of yours), will be automatically forwarded to your existing phone line. Whether it is a VoIP line, or a regular telephone line (PST line) Callme800 allows you to have different toll free phone numbers on different countries around the world, effectively expanding your reach and accessibility to your customers, relatives, or friends.


This service gives you a local number in virtually any major city in the world; perfect for companies and businesses that want to have a local presence for their clients. All calls dialed to your new local number will be automatically forwarded to your phone number anywhere in the world.

UWTelecom provides the service necessary for you to connect with colleagues, customers or relatives, in an easy, efficient way, by using a low cost alternative. With our international calling services you will receive the best value as well as excellent customer support.

International Callback

Start making international calls without paying high rates; our service is fast, easy to use, and we offer competitive rates and most importantly, provide the best quality of connection possible. This service is perfect for travelers, change your callback number anytime and anywhere by using your online control panel. International Callback available to any phone, in any city in the world. Use our speed dial feature to speed up the connection time.

Global VoIP Connect

Use your internet to enjoy of international and local calling at the lowest rates, anywhere in the world! Select between our two plans for VoIP international calling; outbound calls only: no monthly fee, you pay only for the minutes used, as you use them (pay as you go); and incoming and outgoing calls: you receive a virtual number for the country where you are, fixed monthly rate, voicemail, fax-to-email, online control panel, customer service and technical support included.


Get your own toll free number from any country, calls received to this number will be automatically be redirected to any other phone number around the world. Perfect for businesses that find demand of their products in another country where they don’t have a local office, or that simply want to expand their market giving an easy and accessible way to their potential clients to contact them. Advance forwarding features such as: Multiple simultaneous call handling; Flexible forwarding, which allows you to easily change your forwarding number from any computer or mobile device in a matter of seconds. Set up a custom IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) to greet your clients. Receive a monthly statement directly to your preferred email account for easy track of minutes used. Our No Commitment plans allows you to try any service for any period of time that your need it, and later change the service or cancel it altogether if it no longer required, with no cancelation fees.

Global Call Connect

Global Call Connects gives you the freedom to place any international call from your mobile or fixed phone; with excellent international call quality and the most competitive international calling rates.


Get your personal USA or Global phone number from virtually any major city in the world, all calls dialed to this number will be forwarded to any other phone number, whether it be mobile or landline. Find the largest selection of local phone numbers in over 60 countries worldwide, and more than 100 different cities to choose from. Includes 24/7 customer service and technical support available. Multiple payment options.

UWTelecom provides worldwide service in the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and Oceania. Including but not limited to the following countries or locations: Argentina, Argentina Buenos Aires, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bolivia La Paz, Bolivia Santa Cruz, Brazil, Brazil Rio, Brazil Sao Paulo, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Colombia Bogota, Colombia Cali, Colombia Medellin, Colombia Palmira, Colombia Pereira, Costa Rica, Costa Rica San Jose, Cuba, Dominica And Grenada, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, France Paris, French Antilles, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guantanamo Bay, Guatemala, Guatemala City, Haiti, Honduras, Honduras Tegucigalpa, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Italy Rome, Jamaica, Japan, Japan Tokyo, Mexico, Mexico Acapulco, Mexico Cancun, Mexico Chapala, Mexico Ensenada, Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico Guanajuato, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Monterrey, Mexico Puebla, Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Tijuana And Rosarito, Nicaragua, Nicaragua Managua, Panama, Panama City, Paraguay, Paraguay Asuncion, Peru, Peru Lima, Philippines, Philippines Manila, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico San Juan, Russia, Spain, Spain Madrid, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Trinidad And Tobago, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uruguay Montevideo, USA, USA Alaska, USA Hawaii, USA South Florida, USA Toll Free, Venezuela, Venezuela Caracas.